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Dressing and Sauce

Whether it is Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise or many other types of Condiments, Dressings or Sauces, Serac has the equipment solution.

Keeping the system clean is critical and at Serac we use a set of spray jets inside the product tank, around the nozzles and container platforms to make sure we maintain a sterile environment.

The Serac filling equipment offers Water, Steam or Foam cleaning options to guarantee production cleanliness.

Our Tank Mixer ensures the ingredients of a sauce remain evenly mixed.

Heat Sealing is Conduction or Induction. One of the best ways to help protect your product.

FIlling Machine - Heat Sealing and Overcapping

Tomato Sauce Filling Machine

Cold Filling Application

This video will show many aspects of the filling process for this applicaton:
- Puck Transfer Method
- H202 Decontamination
- Bottle Drying
- Net Weigth Filling
- Tank Overpressure System
- Cap Elevator and Sorter
- Cap Dcontamination
- Cap Electronic Torque Control System